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Car Care for the Clueless

Pam Oakes

Car Care for the Clueless – Does you car still require a “tune-up”?

On this week’s episode of Car Care for the Clueless, e-mailer Fred from Florida inquires about his car needing a tune up, or does it? Even though vehicles still have spark plugs, there is a new order in the way the fire gets to the cylinder in today’s cars and trucks. Host Pam Oakes explains in layman’s terms on how things have changed under the hood regarding the traditional “tune-up”.
Also on this week’s show, Pam explains the purpose of a cabin air filter and what it does for us and our vehicle. E-mailer Marsha from Georgia tells our host that she frequently had the filter exchanged while living in southern California, but wants to know if the same rules apply while living in central Georgia.
Our gadget guru is back with another economically-priced object for your vehicle. Peter Sudak, of, explains how important it is to keep the summer heat from baking the interior of your vehicle — and what his cost-conscious solution is to your problem.
Pam also notes how important it is to use courtesy on the roadways while driving to and from your summer vacation destination.
The Car Care for the Clueless radio show is based on Pam’s book, “Car Care for the Clueless: or How You Can ‘Make Money” While Maintaining Your Vehicle”. She is an ASE-certified technician and shop owner in Florida for the past 16 years. Pam passes her knowledge onto you so you too can make smart car care decisions.For more information or questions, go to