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Journey Into An Unknown World

Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D.

Journey Into An Unknown World – Strange Voices And Creepy Feelings

Do you hear voices in your head? Do you sense someone watching you or do you feel creepy in strange places? Who is that ‘someone else’ inside your head? Dr Margaret has provided private readings and counseling on this issue for clients from all over the world and is prepared to help you if you contact her.

In this broadcast, Dr Margaret shows how your individual history can pop up in your conscious mind in self-talk dialogue which is confusing enough, but add the voices of long ago friends or family members or some spiritual entities, and what do you have – A sense of going mad? Or, perhaps you have strange sensations running through your body for no apparent reason. Maybe you are dealing with irrational emotions and physical eerie discomforts, such as feeling someone touching the back of your neck and feeling like you are not alone! Discover what your psyche is doing!

Don’t miss this fascinating show and don’t forget to contact her for your own personal reading or counseling session.