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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Origin of Dreams and trance

We all know dreams are normal but as they are not understood, they are considered paranormal. Our guest’s book ‘Origin of Dreams’ explains how and why; so now dreaming is understandable. Dreams do not predict the future, nor are they just mental ramblings, but are there for a good psychological reason, that is, to solve the emotional problems of the day by thinking them over in a dream. During this process we think about the circumstances of the problem, rather than the actual situation and people involved, comparing it with our unconscious instinctive knowledge. In this way instinctive information is put into consciousness relative to daytime situations. Our guest is a therapist dealing with all mental problems and he found that applying his understanding of dreaming to psychological problems enabled successful treatment by the use of hypnosis and allied techniques. See the Human Givans website The understanding of the dream mechanism, and trance, led to an understanding of hypnosis, both what we understand as hypnotism by a hypnotist, but also the form of self hypnosis that leads to depression and other similar human problems. My own interest in this has led to a description of what trance really is, and why it evolved. Trance is the name we give to the way we we inhibit conscious thinking about instinctive actions; which evolved as a necessity 35,000 years ago when we began to think consciously. Unfortunately this has led to us going into trance about non-instinctive topics which includes mental illness and various psychic states. More on this in my website