Spirituality and Philosophy

Seeking Serenity

Dr. Margery Runyan

Seeking Serenity – Journey to the Light

Dr. Margery Runyan (aka Dr. Mercy) makes her debut on Web Talk Radio with an autobiographical musing entitled Journey to the Light. Revealing the Darkness and Light within her Journey, she takes the listener from the suburbia of the 1950s and WASP territory of Southern Ohio to her current sojourn at her mountain- top home in Durango, CO. Along the Way, she weaves into her narrative the influences of Alchemy ala Dr. Carl Jung, Hinduism, the Tao, Christianity, Theosophy, Buddhism, and Energy Healing. These subjects will arise as future episodes. She also provides us with insight into her secular journey through despair to hope and the events along her Way as she searches for Serenity, Truth and Beauty.

This program provides a rare glimpse via audio into the growth and development of a mature psychotherapist, her progress upward through the stages of energy represented by the chakras, the teachers who influenced her, and the psychological theories and methods that she uses in her practice. Dr. Mercy, a true Renaissance woman of the Baby Boomer generation, illuminates the path for those coming behind and desires fervently to connect with those ahead of her on the Journey to the Light.