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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – Irish Golf Secrets From a Former PGA Coach Teaching Golfing Focus

How to keep motivation during a game of golf?

Well, we know about the pubs in Ireland but Irish golf runs so deep, that we are talking to an Irish Engineer that happens to be a golf instructor.

In this episode, we meet special guest Toney McMahon, a patented engineer. He’s a former PGA coach turned Irish golf innovator. His patented Smart Vision Method teaches golfing focus in new and easy ways. His patented glasses were originally designed for teaching golfing focus but are so easy to use and see the improvement, that children began becoming a part of the Smart Vision Method.

How does this keep high motivation to succeed on the golf course?

“The thing is you need a roadmap… and the Smart Vision Method has that.” “Watch the amateurs and you’ll see how they are all over… control body…club…and ball.”

To keep the motivation, Toney tells us that the brain can get overloaded with information. Focus needs to be on small steps first to get the muscle memory. The fundamentals are laid out by McMahon as he will tell you everything to focus on and everything not to. He also states and explains why, “90% of golfing training can be done from your own home.”

It’s an amazing episode you won’t want to miss. Find out how Toney would get Tiger Woods back on his game. You won’t even have to wait until next time you’re on the course, to try these golfing focus techniques, to control the eyes, body, club and ball.

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