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Word Patriots – The many Christina Millettis

This week’s guest Christina Milletti is the author of the 2006 short story collection “The Religious & Other Fictions” published by Carnegie Mellon University Press. Her stories have appeared in the Chicago Review, Harcourt’s Best New American Voices, Pennsylvania English, and the Alaska Quarterly Review. There are many Christina Millettis. She is an author, mother, wife, and an Associate Professor of English at the University of Buffalo in New York. One or several of these multiple Christinas is the author of the wonderful debut collection “The Religious & Other Fictions” published in 2006 in the Carnegie Mellon University Press series in short fiction. Janet Kauffman writes that Milletti “has a knife-thrower’s flourish and aim,” that hers is “a fiction of ease and ferocity” and that it’s difficult “to tell order from disorder in her stories, the lavish from the spare. They meet in a super clarity of language that is wondrous, as dark as it is illuminating.” This week, in addition to her work, Christina and I discuss the difficulties contemporary women have juggling their many identities and her relationship with her husband, last-week’s guest, novelist Dimitri Anastasopoulos and what it is like when two authors share one household. If you would like to know more about Mark Seinfelt’s books be sure to visit his website: To learn more about Christina go to her University of Buffalo faculty page and visit the Amazon page for “The Religious & Other Fictions”: