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Ambitious Entrepreneur – Building Your Business with & QR Codes

Ambitious Entrepreneur‘s Annemarie Cross speaks with Social Media Strategist Keri Jaenig of Idea Girl Media in the first half of this stellar episode.  In the second half, Annemarie catches up with Stephanie True Moss, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of True Moss Communications, Inc and author/editor of Today’s topics?  Everything you ever wanted to know about  Quora; and how QR codes can help YOUR business!

“Quora is like the Wikipedia of questions.  It gives entrepreneurs a place to build their credibility by answering questions or even asking questions that are leading about their company, their service, their business, and what they do,” explains Jaenig of Quora.  Throughout the interview, Jaenig continues to highlight the features of Quora in detail: How it works, why you should be using it in your business (but only if you want to build your reputation as an authority in your field!), as well as the benefits of being an early adopter of this technology.

In the episode’s second half, Stephanie True Moss talks in detail about QR codes: What they are, how you can integrate this innovative new tool to help build brand awareness, and much more.  “QR codes started in Japan as a way of inventorying auto parts and because we are now carrying Smart phones more than ever, individuals have the capability of reading these, of scanning these little codes, with our phones and getting extra value and finding fun things on the other end of the codes,” True Moss says, starting off with a brief history of the handy tool.

Trying to keep up with latest social media technologies to expand awareness about you and your business, can be difficult and confusing, but, as always, the Ambitious Entrepreneur is here to help.  To find out more on how each of these tools can help you build your credibility as a specialist in your field–as well as some of the tips and advice on how to leverage them in your social media strategy–tune in now!