Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Priceless Insights from the U. Virginia-U. California-Irvine Super Regions

Mike ‘Roons’ Rooney* is a color analyst for ESPN college baseball broadcasts. John Pinkman** writes for Collegiate Baseball and has a long, impressive record of developing high school players into successful college performers. Both ‘Roons’ and John were live June 11-13 at the U. Virginia-U. California-Irvine Super Regions while I watched most of it in on TV. This show provides priceless insights from our observations. What will be discussed? A three games series loaded with significant ebbs & flows, contrasts in coaching, weather influences and raw display of toughness, smarts, integrity and most surely resiliency. This series was a rare technical, physical and mental game test. *Mike Rooney, 4 year player at the U. of Notre Dame, ’89-‘92 averaging 47 wins, has 15 years in coaching including 6 seasons as an assistant baseball coach at Arizona State University & 3 seasons as head Baseball coach at Phoenix College. He has coached 17 players who have reached the “Big Leagues”, including Dustin Pedroia-Red Sox & Andre Ethier-Dodgers. ** John is an author, adviser to athletic programs nationally, owner of Pinkman Baseball Academy and lead in selecting the ABCA DI college pitching coach of the year.