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Earth Guardian

Earth Guardian – The Shift that is Happening in the Electrical Industry

Electricity rates are going up because the infrastructure is falling apart, and more and more things are using electricity. It has been too cheap, and too reliable for too long to the point where electricity is now considered a right. Most governments are broke, so what options are available so that we can continue enjoying electricity?

People are getting upset because their electricity bills are going up, and they think it’s because of the high feed-in-tariffs for renewables (mainly solar). The media and politicians are stoking that resentment for their own purposes—to sell more media time, and to get more votes. This is a bad combination.

The problem of a large infrastructure that has to be replaced at a very expensive price tag still remains. It is like a ticking time bomb where everything will shut down all at once. There is also the problem that the organizational infrastructure is old and rigid, so the people delivering the electricity have a real big challenge ahead of them that is quite daunting.