Hovey's Outdoor Adventures

Hovey Smith

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – 2011 Blade Show: Part I. Individual Exhibitors

Knives are a diverse set of objects, and the 900 exhibitors at the 30th. International Blade Show and Cutlery Exposition at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta certainly brought an assortment. On exhibit were knife collections from the distant and recent past, products from custom knife makers and new knives from from companies like Case, Buck, Puma and many others.

This hour-long radio show seeks to give the flavor of the event with interviews with Joe Kirtzman and Jim Schlinder of Blade Magazine, the event’s organizers, as well as a baker’s dozen of knife makers and exhibitors. These interviews also trace the general evolution of a knife maker from student to Master Bladesmith as members of the American Bladesmith Association pass their skill tests to rise from one level to the next.

Featured on the show are Jan Giles and her collection of Girl Scout knives, Gene Jameson (wood knife kits), Rich McDonald (frontier knives), David Loukides (hunting and chef knives), Andy Roy (hunting and utility knives), Vince and Grace Evans (historic swords and knives), Shawn McIntyre (hunting and presentation knives), Kevin Casey (feather Damascus hunting and utility knives), Jared West (modern folders and fixed blades), Mardi Meshejian (art knives), David Ruana (pistol-knife, hunting and utility knives), Tim Lawler (fantasy knives), historic blade trader Richard Nable, scrimshaw artist Katherine Plumber and Pete Cohan of the National Knife Museum.

Coverage of the show will continue July 4 with Part II which will include a factory tour of Buck Knives’ new factory in Post Falls, Idaho, conducted by C.J. Buck and interviews with knife companies and suppliers at the Blade Show.