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Eliakim Thorpe

Liberated Living – Have you discovered the real meaning of Christ’s message? Scott Lindquist says, “read The Jesus Factory!” (Part 1)

What would you do if a diabolical presence made you an offer of power, money and world fame? What choice would you make? When Jesus was tempted, he had the courage to choose wisely, but what if you had that choice and you didn’t know the offer was malevolent, but thought God was making the offer. Would you have the courage to choose wisely? Do you seek the true meaning of the gospel message? Do you have a desire to develop a deeper understanding of God? Listen and download this show as Eliakim is joined by Scott Lindquist who is an author, certified crime prevention practitioner, and crime prevention specialist. He is a graduate of the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute, and has written three non-fiction books on rape prevention. He has been featured internationally in Cosmopolitan (both US & UK) as well as other magazines in the Caribbean and in Australia. He has made it his life’s work to find solutions to violence against women. This new fiction work carries on his commitment to find solutions to gender injustice at its very core.
Scott Lindquist & Eliakim discuss his new book titled: The Jesus Factory (www.jesusfactory.com). This sensational new book is an adventure novel of the spirit that reveals the lost message of the hidden apostle. This is one man’s search beyond religious fundamentalism to discover the real meaning of Christ’s message. What with the rising tide of religious fundamentalism and bigotry in the world, this book challenges the gospel of hate and manipulation that has so infected our society. It also questions the long-held subjugation of women in the church and condemns the brutality and murder in the name of the “Prince of Peace”.

Book can be purchased at: thejesusfactory.com or at Amazon