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Smart Solutions for Busy People

Smart Solutions for Busy People – SUMMER RECIPE MAKEOVERS

It’s summertime and we’re outside with family and friends, have an old-fashioned “cook out” with some of our favorite dishes, like chips and dip, burgers and potato salad. Delicious, yes, but how nutritious are our summer go-to meals? It’s time for recipe makeovers that bump up the nutrition, lower the fat and still taste full of flavor. Registered dietician and busy mom Angelique Marquez gives her sure-fire tips to add protein to the creamiest dips, fun alternatives to greasy chips and delicious summer desserts, including one with the indulgent flavor of cheesecake without the calories! You might be surprised to learn that sometimes it’s “how” you eat and not “what” you eat! Plus, find out why some sweeteners labeled “healthy” are no different than sugar, and what to use instead. Whether you’re looking for backyard barbecue ideas or just a healthier way to eat this summer, this show is for you. In the Smart Solution tip of the week, get the dirt on some of your favorite summer fruits and veggies.