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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – Clearing the mind improves golfing focus

This episode of Teeing It Up, we explore strange concepts about mental focus.

How does clearing the mind help your golfing focus?

In his new book Overtime Victory, our guest John Burbaker, shows new strategies that come right out of the locker room into everyday life. Coach “Bur” explains the relationship between sports and life, improves golfing focus and tells us how to discover someone’s personality on the golf course or any playing field.

Do you want to learn how to clear the mind? With quotes from Yogi Berra, “ A full mind gets you an empty bat,” Coach Bur explains, “…having an empty mind is having a clear mind.” With over 20 years experience in coaching he has seen how this concept plays a role in anything we do.

Those 20 years of excellent advice both on and off the field are summed up in his book and in this episode, as Randy Kemp, our host, tries to extract all for us golfing fans.

Found out why, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” This episode can show you how to pin point character flaws from watching how players behavior on the field.

Found out how a simple game of “pickup” basketball changed the live of President Barack Obama. A story you won’t want to miss and it all relates well to the greatest sport ever, as Coach Bur states, “when you play golf it is easy to forget the worries of the world.”