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Roger Boswarva & Virginia Koenig

The Learning Curve – Roger & Virginia Talk with Dr. Richard Gordon About Teacher Evaluation and Why Our Kids are Getting a Raw Deal at School

Dr. Gordon is an educator who has done it all. Here is Dr. Gordon at his outspoken best, blowing the whistle on the fallacies inherent in the current system of “teacher evaluation” and on the system that gives us the current scenario of school administration. Dr. Gordon is the author of the no-holds-barred book: The Emperor has No Clothes: The Crisis in American Inner City Schools. (Available through Amazon.Com). Dr. Gordon holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration, and has consulted for many school districts in Mass., NJ, and NY; and has been principal evaluator of millions of dollars of New York City Public School programs. He was a professor at City Univ. of NYC and Clark University in Mass. Most important, he has had some 40 years in public education, most of which was in inner city schools, including E. Orange (NJ), Dallas (Tx) and Shreveport (La). Additionally, he was an assistant principal in an inner city school for 2 years(Orange, NJ). Thus, he knows of what he speaks based on first-hand experience.