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Think Beyond Pink

Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – Guided Imagery Helps Breast Surgery Recovery

Guided imagery before a breast biopsy or breast cancer surgery provides faster recovery. Sharon O’Connor, founder of Atlantic Complementary Medical Solutions, has been creating guided imagery and hypnotherapy CD’s for nine years. Sharon, a registered nurse, says her CD’s help patients prepare for medical procedures, recuperate from surgery faster, eliminate anxiety, and reduce overall stress. She recorded her first CD for a friend who had breast cancer and has added Cancer be Gone and Preparing for Surgery to her product line plus many others since then. Sharon says this methodology has been used for centuries. “Hypnotheraphy is evidence based, effective, affordable and without adverse side effects.” It’s amazing that listening to a guided imagery CD before bedtime or during quiet times can have such a profound effect on our emotions and therefore our physical health. Join me for more information on this exciting segment that can have an impact on our health when we are anticipating breast surgery.