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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Never Give Up On Love – Stories and Secrets of Finding Love After 40

The heart that loves is always young~Greek Proverb. Discover the fountain of youth and find love at any age as host Hadley Finch and guest Timothy Carroll, author of the international bestseller available at answer top questions about finding love after 40. Have you ever lost love through a painful breakup or death of a beloved partner? Have you ever felt afraid that you’ll be alone for the rest of your life?

Hadley Finch has, after her long, happy marriage ended tragically. Yet she still believed in Great Love. So she picked herself up and set out to find it. She used top dating sites to meet great men on 3 continents during her Great Love Quest–not without disappointment and risk. And she improved the online dating experience in, the dating site she created exclusively for resilient optimists who believe in Great Love. Why does she tell you her story? Because she wants you or your newly-single loved one to learn from her personal experience that there’s no reason for you to be alone unless you want to be.

What if you’re thinking of excuses why you’ll never love again, like you’re too old, too busy, too fat, too broke, or all the good ones are taken? You’re about to find out why that’s just not true. Great love is waiting for you no matter what your age or life circumstances. Today, you may become a believer as you hear love stories and secrets of finding Great Love even after you’ve lost love, during Hadley Finch’s chat with Timothy Carroll. A former British Business Exec in the Pension Arena, Tim now lives in Atlanta with his wife. Find out how they met later in life and they’re blissfully happy. Tim Carroll wrote the International Best-Selling Book, Don’t Ever Give Up On Love–True Stories of Senior Romances.

Tim Carroll and Hadley Finch give you hope, inspiration and advice to find your Great Love and romance, even after heartbreak and sorrow. Get help to recover your life after divorce, illness, bereavement and financial challenges. Get valuable tips on finding love online and handling complexities that accompany new relationships, with practical insight into a dating world that can often seem intimidating, if not a little scary. Get dating success tools to recruit your perfect match in an exciting, ageless Love Quest guided by Hadley Finch, author and founder of - Resilient optimists who believe in Great Love.