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Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101

Denise Krochta

Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101 – Teens and the Juvenile Justice System

What rights do teenagers have when it comes to the juvenile justice system?  Do parents have rights too?  Denise Krochta interviews former Arizona Assistant Attorney General Thomas Jacobs on the topic of child welfare and how it connects to criminal law.  Jacobs writes regularly for teens, parents and educators on youth justice issues while answering readers’ questions at his website, but today he’s on Addicted to Addicts answering all of YOUR biggest questions!

Denise starts off this intriguing episode by having Jacobs reach back, far back, to the days of his childhood.  Jacobs reveals his upbringing and how it helped to influence his choices later in life.  “It lead me to teen law and children’s law,” says Jacobs, of growing up in an environment where he was surrounded by children at all times (he had 7 siblings and even more young relatives in his extended family!).  Having this background, Jacobs grew to realize that children and teens were uncomfortable with coming to adults with their most important questions: Hence the birth of his official website–Ask the Judge–where kids and teens can look up the information for themselves.

Denise cracks down on Jacobs, asking the tough questions about children and their upbringing.  Is it right to buy a child a Shirley Temple or Roy Rogers at a bar?  It’s just soda, but is the environment–and that “feel” of having a drink in their hands while in a bar–fine or is it a “setup” for future addiction?

“In addition to the sex talk [with your child]…you have to have the sexting talk!” says Jacobs.  Children are growing up more quickly than ever and the dangers are different for this generation than for the last.  How should a parent approach these new problems?

Denise continues to bring up her “pet peeves” throughout the episode–from parents offering alcohol to children at sleepovers to the harsh judgements that comes from other parents when YOU are the parent of a child or teen with a problem–and Thomas Jacobs shines a guiding light on the subjects from both his personal experiences and a legal perspective.  This is an episode you won’t want to miss!