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Bounce Back

Bounce Back – How to Get Ready for Effective Relationship Communication

Special guest Sharon Nash, author of the Sex & Money series reveals essential relationship communication secrets. Relationship communications are critical to our lives yet do you fully understand what you know and what you don’t know about them? Do you know where you’re coming from before you begin a conversation with your spouse or SO? Are you getting the reactions that you expect? If not, it is time for some honest reflection and upgrading of your communication skills.

When we are having relationship problems, we realize that our responses often range from anger, denial, resentment, disappointment, and bargaining to shock. Sharon explores what has to happen in order for a person to bounce back from these feelings and these responses. Even as you come to accept the situation, does that mean that you get the “all clear” in your recovery? What happens when we simply mask the pain? Sharon and Donna Marie discuss the healing and communication processes as you upgrade your skills for your romantic relationship and what the impacts will be on your other relationships.

And at the end of the show in this week’s Just Say No To The Status Quo tip titled “Are you ready to communicate effectively?” Donna Marie explores the convenient acronym READY.