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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – 062711

Thanks for joining us this week. As always you can find a more complete write up of our show on the Gastrotommy site @ This week’s show will help you to get ready for the 4th of July. We start by asking our audience to make this a very patriotic celebration. Indeed, Tommy encourages all of us to read the Declaration of Independence to our friends and families on this day. Here is a great link to the archive Our guest this week is Heather Nauert who is the Fox Morning Host of Good Morning New York Heather gives us some insight into her celebration. In addition to her TV work she is a wife, the proud mother of two little boys and the owner of three German Shepherds. Heather gives us some great ideas that are very simple and wonderful. She recommends a great spice called Slap Your Mama. We sincerely appreciate her insight to spending time with the troops. Tommy strongly recommends the write up produced by Saveur Magazine. There are so many great ideas in this magazine for your holiday. Also, please consider some of our past shows. We go over summer wines, summer cocktails and even have a whole show on BBQ. Have a wonderful, safe weekend.