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Eliakim Thorpe

Liberated Living – What is the Progressive Christianity & Spiritual But Not Religious Movement? Author Scott Lindquist sheds some light! (Part 2)

A large number of Americans identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” It is likely that perhaps one in every five persons (roughly half of all the unchurched) could describe themselves in this way. More than one fifth of Americans describe themselves with this phrase. What does it mean? (If there are over 312 million people in America; then over 60 million people define themselves as SBNR.) Those who see themselves as “spiritual, but not religious” reject traditional organized religion as the sole-or even the most valuable-means of furthering their spiritual growth. Many have had negative experiences with churches or church leaders. For example, they may have perceived church leaders as more concerned with building an organization than promoting spirituality, as hypocritical, or as narrow-minded. They typically view spirituality as a journey intimately linked with the pursuit of personal growth or development. Listen as Eliakim Thorpe & guest Scott Lindquist provide some discussion on the definition of being religious vs. being spiritual. Can the two terms co-exist together and bring about a greater unity within the body of Christ?