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Single Mom Talk Radio – Change Your Life By Changing Your Blouse

Is it possible to change your life by changing the way you dress? Can you improve your self-esteem, attract more money, love and support for you and your kids by changing your blouse? “Come-on! Sounds too good to be true.” Today’s guest expert, world-renowned lecturer and image stylist Liana Chaouli , says “yes” –and she’ll tell you why success lives, to a large part, in your closet … and what it means to us as women and single mothers. You’ll meet one of her clients, Suzie, who was a single mom with two small children, living in her sweats and distraught after a divorce. You’ll find out what happened to her after working with Liana. To find out more information about Liana single-mom style teleseminar, send an email to - type “single mom teleseminar” in the subject line of the email.