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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – A ‘Groove’ that Could Change the World

In this week’s journey into quantum possibility, Adam meets with the Gadget Man, Ron Hatton, (, who is creating quite a stir in the engine efficiency sweepstakes with his Gadgetman Groove.

Focusing on the air intake alone, Hatton learned that he could affect a DRAMATIC improvement in fuel combustion and a PROFOUND reduction in emissions by placing a small trough (“groove”) in the throttle-body of an internal combustion engine (ICE). The main effect of this change is the creation of a double-vortex in the air intake, which dramatically reorders and condenses the available oxygen and its combustion-facilitating electrons in the air.

The public is generally unaware that well over 60 percent of their fuel expenditure in non-diesel internal combustion engines does not go through the combustion process, and therefore, does not deliver power. Instead, “heavy” hydrocarbon molecules that today’s fuels are made of, that are not turned into vapor via oxidative process during the combustion phase, are broken down by the heat generated by the catalytic converter.

Vehicle emissions represent the remaining hydrocarbons that failed to be converted via combustion or catalytic conversion. They are released into the atmosphere through the tailpipe.

On a summer day in where the air temperature in Phoenix climbed to 113 degrees, Adam took his 1993 Lexus SC300 to Hatton who, after checking emission levels, performed Gadgetman Groove procedure. After the procedure and test drive, and another emissions check, they were pleased to see Hydrocarbon, Carbon Monoxide, and Nitrous Oxide levels all drop to Zero (0), with an increase in the air/fuel ratio. A follow-up visit a few days later, indicated that the changes were genuine; the engine ran cooler in the very hot Arizona summer weather, quieter, with less vibration, and a recheck of the emissions were virtually the same as when the Gadgetman Groove was made.

In this program Hatton and Adam discuss many technical principles and issues related to fuel combustion, efficiency, and emissions that are relevant to all, technical and non-technical alike. The implications of the Gadgetman Groove are monumental gains, achieved by taking a little away.