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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – Canadian PGA Coach: Joining Golf Forums and Playing Golf

Golf forums like Secret in the Dirt are the best place to join to give and receive the best advice about playing golf. Mike Maves, Canadian PGA Coach is telling us why, in this episode of Teeing it Up.

Social Networks for golf are everywhere but here we explore why is not like other golf forums, designed to improve your ability and love for playing golf.

It’s not because it’s hosted and updated daily by a Canadian PGA Coach. Or that he also wrote a book titled Secret in the Dirt.

It’s not because two of the most decorated golfing stars ever, Jackie Burke and Steve Elkingson, post at home videos of their lives on the PGA tour.

It has everything to do with our theme this week; how can grains, textures and moisture effect how you’re playing golf.

Mike explains why, “I never been embarrassed about anything on the golf course… golf’s a tough game, nobody’s roll of bed a great golfer.”

This will guide you to golf forums and to a new way of learning the best secrets in the dirt. If Mike can make you understand why,”I never pay attention to that,” then there is much more that you’ll want to pay close attention to in this 30 minute, information packed happening.