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The Mindset Mechanic


How many times have you told your child (or someone has told you) to “Get a better attitude!” or “Set some goals!” or “Believe in Yourself!”? And then your child gives you the “cocker spaniel tilt” as if to say “I’d love to, but how?”. Now you have the answers. Our guest is Judy Zerafa, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and author of the Go For It! books. For 30 years Judy has helped adults and children learn the keys to success so they can live better and easier lives. She reveals seven keys to success, including the scientific definition of what “attitude” really is, why attitude is the root of your results in life, and how you and your children can learn to master your attitudes!

And, your Mindset Mechanic Julie Rahm and her co-host, Johnny Novice, honor military families and especially military kids during Operation CHAMPS. Their guests are 14-year-old Army kid, Gavin Moran and his mom, Crissy. Gavin recently represented all military kids at a Mental Health Day in Washington, D.C. because of his emotional resilience. Gavin shares insider secrets into the lives of military kids, including what it was like to be in school at Fort Hood during the shooting rampage, surviving his father’s multiple war deployments, and the fears for his father and his family that come standard with military life. And, he speaks from the heart about the teddy bear drive he conducted for kids of deployed service members, for which he gained national media attention. He personally distributed more than 1,000 teddy bears to military kids! Then, Gavin’s mom reveals her role in Gavin’s heart and attitude.