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Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101

Denise Krochta

Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101 – Dads Against Drug Dealers

“On today’s show, we’re going to tackle the topic of what can we ordinary citizens do to help curb the growth of drug addiction in our communities,” starts host Denise Krochta.  Today’s guest is Lance Merrill, founder of D.A.D.D.S (Dads Against Drug Dealers).  D.A.D.D.S gives everyone a risk free way of joining the fight.  Learn how you can safely divulge the names of the local drug dealers in your area–without anyone ever finding out it was you!  Learn how YOU can make a difference!

Lance Merrill details his own experiences with drug dealers when his daughter Jani fell into their clutches.  Merrill was somewhat familiar with the symptoms associated with various type of drug addicts and immediately became suspicious when his daughter’s personality and interests started changing.  He pulled her aside and had a heart-to-heart.  “I didn’t ask if she was doing drugs,” says Merrill, “I asked her which drugs she was doing.”  Merrill was shocked to discover Jani was addicted to Heroin.

When Jani lost her life to her Heroin addiction, Merrill went after her drug dealer.  Once Jani’s dealer was behind bars, Merrill decided it was time to help other dads (and moms!) fight their child’s drug dealers.  D.A.D.D.S was born from this idea.

Merrill and Krochta discuss how many good people want to speak out against their local drug dealers–to turn them in to the police!–but do not for fear of violent retaliation.  “Most drug addicts are druggies themselves,” explains Merrill, “…they usually don’t have that kind of organization.”  However, Merrill understood these concerns and developed the G.O.O.D (Give Our Officials Dealers) section of his organization.  G.O.O.D is a safe anonymous way to divulge the name of a drug dealer in your area without posing any risk to yourself! The information goes directly to the Attorney General’s office and is then distributed to local law enforcement.

Don’t be afraid to step up and make YOUR community a better, safer, place to be.  Tune in today!