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Liberated Living – Red Alert America! w/ Prophetess & Author Deborah Nazemi (Part 1)

Are you intrigued about doomsday prophecies, the end-times, or the rapture? If so, this is a show that you will not want to miss! People are wondering if we are in the age of the End Times, the beginning of the Great Tribulation, and the time of the Anti-Christ. Lately, there have been countless prophetic predictions on the pending doom, destruction, catastrophic event, global economic collapse, persecution, natural disaster, and end-times of the world. People such as Harold Camping of Family Radio Worldwide, the independent Christian ministry calculated the May 21, 2011 date based on his reading of the Bible who was able to mobilize many people within the United States to prepare for the rapture. Deborah Nazemi in her book, Red Alert America! states, “since 2009, we have seen such an acceleration of disastrous events, causing us to wonder what is happening in our world. There have been devastating earthquakes, destructive floods, and tornadoes striking entire regions of the US, killing many and leaving people homeless. The economic crisis in our nation and throughout the world has shattered hopes and dreams. In America there has been a tremendous rise in unemployment, record numbers of foreclosures, and failing businesses. Add to this, the promise of tax increases and more financial stress with a real likelihood of a total economic collapse on the horizon.” Listen as Eliakim is joined by Deborah Nazemi who is an author and a prophetic voice who writes a compelling book on the moral, ethical, and spiritual decline of the Unites States.

Since 1987, Deborah has been receiving prophetic messages from the Lord about the declining spiritual condition and the potentially devastating fate of America, and more recently she has come to believe that God has mandated her with a special message for America about the purpose and destiny of this nation. She believes that America has been spiraling towards destruction for a long time, and that the only hope for America is a great move of repentance that would revive this once godly nation.