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Magnetic Wealth

Magnetic Wealth – “How to accept, allow and receive more money”

This Magnetic Wealth Show is all about how to accept, allow and receive more money… the money you work so hard for..

Receiving is the most common place for you to block your flow of abundance. You put in the hours, the intention and yet over 50% of the time, you do not allow it into your reality.

Today you’ll discover the top 3 reasons you are repelling money… yes… actually repelling it, like teflon.

If you’ve ever wanted to

feel comfortable asking for money
feel worthy of the money you receive so you can accept more

be able to say yes when offered money or gifts with comfort
increase your cashflow, consistently

be able to see more money streams (Spiritual Streams of Income ™ ) & attract them

…you want to listen to and download this show now!

*Make sure you grab the 2 previous shows, because this has been a 3 part series…they stand alone, and yet you can see how all three of these work together to Increase your capacity for more money to be a common occurrence for you!

How to Increase Your Capacity for More Money
How to Increase Your Income by Increasing your Wealth Esteem

Once you discover how often you have kept money from you… you will be shocked! Now that you understand the top 3 key internal blocks to receiving money…you can begin to heal these and open yourself to more money!

Be sure to implement these easy tips… I want you to turn your dreams into realities.. so go out and take action towards your dreams today.

Get ready to shift your magnetic wealth vibe and increase your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual capacity for more money.

Maybe you think… this isn’t that important… I want to know how to make more money… well, let me be blunt, if you do not clear up your internal issues with money…. and everyone has them…whatever you do to make money, will be at least 50% less effective!

In fact, the longer you wait to recognize you are clogging your money pipeline at your end…. where you receive it…the longer you are rejecting money… literally keeping it from you… and after you spent all that energy to attract it!

I know you didn’t know, and now you can empower yourself to make a real change in your inflow of money… I know you
are ready for more so you can make your dreams your reality.

I know each person is worthy of having at least 6 figures… you must prosper so you can fulfill your full potential and live the life your Soul intended…

Good :), then now’s the time to do something about it…

Go ahead and listen now…

And for more information on how to increase your capacity to receive more money, follow your Soul purpose and break the 6 figure barrier in alignment with your spirit.. visit