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Single Mom Talk Radio – Beliefs That Secretly Sabotage Our Lives

Ever seen the movie “Ghostbusters”? Today’s “ghosts” aren’t the scary things movies are based on. Instead, they’re the hidden beliefs that covertly run our life—beliefs such as “I’m not enough, and I’m not important.” Today’s guest, Shelly Lefkoe, is a modern-day “belief-buster” who helps people identify and replace their destructive patterns with ones that actually illuminate their lives! You’ll want to know the most common limiting beliefs that as many as 85% of people carry around, and how they wreak damage day after day. Shelly gives specific examples, from a cell phone tip that makes a HUGE difference in your child’s self-esteem to insights into a destructive dating pattern. Bust YOUR ghosts—your limiting patterns—or at least shine a light on them, on today’s show.