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Dr. Debra Ford

SolePath Discoveries – Jennifer: I heard about SolePath from a friend and just knew that it was time for me to know this. I have been through a lot with my baby and my family, am I doing what I am meant to be doing?

Today, you are invited into my personal counseling session with Jennifer who is a very busy mom with three girls. Jennifer has been through a crazy time with her baby who is 5 months old. Michaela was born very premature and spent many weeks on life support in hospital. Not only was Jennifer dealing with this difficulty but she also had a 2 year old at home and an 8 year old struggling with being bullied at school. In this session, the sound recording is a bit scratchy and beautiful baby Michaela was with us in the room, but I know that you will want to share Jennifer’s SolePath Discovery …

If you would like a SolePath energy reading, contact us through WebTalkRadio.net or LifeofJoy.ca I am Dr. Debra and I would love you to go to TeriWilder.com to listen to more of her inspiring uplifting music that we play on this show. until my next counseling session – remember this life is only about Joy.