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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – Golf Anatomy: How to get a golf body in 30 min/day

If you’ve kept up with our episodes here on Teeing it Up? Dr. Davies is here, attempting to top them all. He explains a 30 min/day exercise routine specially designed for golfers.

Dr. Davies is the author of Golf Anatomy, the best book on exercises for the golf body. Journey to a more advanced body, able to handle the stress of a well-balanced and powerful golf game.

Randy Kemp drills Dr. Davies with excellent questions like, “How can one judge his or hers fitness!”

And Dr. Davies shows his well-balanced interviewing skills with some of the best answers like, “Hard to do on your own, I suggest a professional fitness trainer as there are so many skill sets in golf… each skill set has tests…with unbiased eye, it is easier to find things and direct you better.”

Plus he goes on here to explain, “At times that’s not available to you…go through beginning chapters and do the exercises… difficult ones are ones highlighted to work on more.”

Randy pierces upper and lower body workouts for the audience, to give a fine outline for anyone to use as his or hers 30 min/day golf body workout.

But it is all in Dr. Davies book, Golf Anatomy,

How the golf body produces energy in the golf swing

Power leaks that create over swing with shoulder, energy loss and injury

Lower body workouts used to judge balance, back strength and more

How mobility and stability is lost, gained and why it has a huge effect

Why the best golfers take ballet classes and how it develops the muscles you can’t see

Find out, most importantly, how to feel right with every stroke and why this is a terrific episode that can improve your golf game, starting today.