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Are you in a “semi-happy” marriage, neither miserable nor fulfilled, asking yourself routinely, “Is this all there is?” If so, you are not alone. In fact, this kind of marriage is shockingly common, even prevalent, among couples in their 30s, 40s and 50s, particularly when children are involved. Yet this reality is not something we have talked about… until now! Our guest, Dr. Pamela Haag, author of Marriage Confidential: The Post-Romantic Age of Workhorse Wives, Royal Children, Undersexed Spouses, and Rebel Couples Who Are Rewriting the Rules, reveals why we have ended up discontented. The choice, Haag argues, isn’t between either rejecting marriage altogether as obsolete, or trying to revive its traditional forms. Instead, she asserts, marriage as an institution must evolve, and we must consider all options, as some marriages already do, including a third way between marriage and divorce. Dr. Haag is provocative and controversial!

Your host and Mindset Mechanic Julie Rahm digs into the Mindset Mechanic Metaphorical Tool Kit to help you learn how to create the relationship you desire. Julie, her co-host Johnny Novice and Tank the Wonder Dog shake off relationship woes with listeners. And, in honor of Independence Day, resident expert Johnny Novice reveals the secret behind the original version of the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson and how we came to have the document our country uses today.