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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – The Exciting Power of Energy Enhancement

Adam’s guest this week is Sandra Rose Michael, PhD, DNM, and developer of the Energy Enhancement System, a technology that features the benign use of bio-scalar energy fields, and is producing what have, up to this time, been considered medical miracles.

It’s not really miraculous that people are reporting amazing improvements from chronic and degenerative health conditions when you consider the resource. In this case, the resource is a little known type or quality of energy that is abundantly available, and is more organizing by its very nature. Some have used the term “magneto-electric,” to describe bio-scalar energy, the natural complement to our more familiar electro-magnetic spectrum.

Dr. Michael refers to the Energy Enhancement system as Bio-Scalar Regenerative Technology.

On this show, Adam also welcomes three people who share their experiences with the Energy Enhancement system. Brian Kaplinski shares how his Lyme-like condition improved after spending time “in the technology,” Kay Schramick enjoys relief from carpal tunnel pain and the rigors of running half-marathons, and Sherry Kaplinski describes relief measures that most diabetic or neuropathy sufferer might only dream of.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael is Senior Director of Energy Medicine for the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines under UNESCO and is a member of the Scientific Council for National Bio Science, Europe. Dr. Michael has received Medals of Honor at the World Summit on Integral Medicine and at the World Congress for Integrative Medicines at the Harvard Club, has also served as Ambassador for the World Organization of Natural Medicine, is on faculty for the federally and internationally accredited Institute of Energy Wellness Studies, Canada, and serves as guest faculty for Quantic Medicine, University of Panama Medical School.

The salient point of this show, and of the Energy Enhancement System, is to appreciate the primacy of and untapped power energy, and that, when used consciously for the benefit of humanity, wonderful changes are not only possible, they are inevitable.