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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – Unification in Action! The 3 Essential Secrets for Lasting Partnership

Join Sri and Kira of Self-Ascension magazine as they reveal the “3 Essential Secrets to a LASTING partnership” that will forever shift your life!  Make sure you have a pen handy and get ready to discover that deep within your own unfolding Unification Molecule are the deeper truths that are seeking to be revealed as the gateway to experiencing your life filled with complete happiness! Regardless of whether you are in the “perfect” partnership now or still seeking to bring this energy into your life, this is the show that teaches us how ALL relationships are the gift that leads us to Partnership and fulfillment

Sri and Kira discuss how the re-awakening of the Unification Molecule is beginning to challenge ALL aspects of our lives as the energy of these times builds toward 2012 and beyond. Has quantum science now entered ALL aspects of our lives? What is the difference between Relationship and Partnership and why does it matter? Are there really secrets that can harness the New Earth energy and sky rocket our ability to manifest meaningful and lasting partnership?  Yes, yes, and YES!

“There’s a relationship between a parked car and a parking meter…  The thing to understand is that ‘Relationship’ is a very weak form of ‘Partnership,'” says Sri.  But how does one find their ideal partner?  Or, if you’re already in a relationship–how do you turn that relationship into a partnership?  Or, better still, if you’re already in a partnership–how do you anchor that partnership and keep it strong and long-lasting in these troubled times?

Sri and Kira discuss their own relationships (including their previous marriages), friendships, and the partnership that changed their lives forever–the one they have with each other.  Sri and Kira also dig deep into the issue of–and don’t run away now!–trust.  Learn how trust factors into everything, how intimate relationships can help you learn about yourself, and how to let go of the guilt and regret forever.