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30 Minute Mom

30 Minute Mom – How to Start a Child-Inspired Business

Have you ever had a problem with your child, solved it in a unique way, and wondered if other parents might have the same need? If so, you may have the beginning of a great business idea. When Julie Azuma’s daughter, Miranda, was diagnosed with Autism 15 years ago, there were very few resources to help Autistic children. Therapists would tell Julie to cut out pictures of fruit, furniture, and people from magazines and clue them to cards because language flashcards didn’t exist then. Julie’s desperate need for tools to help Miranda gain language inspired her to launch Different Roads To Learning (, a website selling educational products for children diagnosed with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and other developmental disabilities. What began on her kitchen table is now a multi-million dollar enterprise. Find out how Julie started and grew this business, and what she says to other parents who might want to launch their own child-inspired businesses!