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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Boosting your online presence: how to get targeted traffic to your website

You’ve finally ventured online, you’ve built (or had someone else build it for you…) a gorgeous website, and yet there’s little to no interest in you/your product!  No traffic!  This week, Annemarie Cross talks with Kathy DalPra from The Online Close about the common myths small business owners fall for when getting online.  Kathy DalPra also takes this time to introduce her free Traffic Explosion Telesummit and shares some of her best traffic-generating tips!

“A lot of the business owners that I work with, when they come to me, they are 95% focused on the design, functionality, and the launching of their website; but, in actuality, that’s really only about 20% of what makes a website successful,” says DalPra.  The 1990’s “if you build it, they will come” attitude toward websites no longer applies, but, for some reason, this myth continues to perpetuate, leading to massive disappointments.  These disappointments include little to no traffic or interest being generated–despite all of the hard work being put into the design and layout of your website!  Does this sound familiar…?

“There’s no reason to be intimidated,” DalPra says.  It’s not “too hard” or “too expensive” to get more traffic to your website. You can even do most (or all!) of it yourself!  DelPra shares some success stories including how strategies she implemented on one of her client’s websites generated an impressive increase in traffic and subsequent business.

DelPra also provides some great starting strategies that can help you increase traffic and targeted visitors to your website.  DelPra also stresses one of her favorite techniques: The use of SEO.  But what are targeted visitors?  Who is your target audience?  And what exactly is “SEO?”  Never fear: All is explained.

Want more traffic?  Want more business from your website?  Kathy DalPra and Annemarie Cross will show you how!