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Brain-Body Breakthroughs

Brain-Body Breakthroughs – A new Approach to Weight Loss. Part 2. Larry McCleary, M. D., author of Feed Your Brain Lose Your Belly

If you have ever been told that “a calorie is a calorie” and you need to cut the calories you eat to lose weight, you will be very surprised at what we will be discussing on the program today.

Children don’t go through a growth spurt because they eat too much and we don’t gain weight because we have poor will-power. You’ll hear why what we’ve been told for the past 40 years (and are still being told by the USDA) is all wrong. Learn why the My Plate dietary guidelines encourage you to eat a fattening diet — one that is not much different than swine fattening chow!

It’s easy to see that the current dietary guidelines have made us all fat and there is no end in sight to the current obesity epidemic. To understand such a difficult problem you need to think outside the box and that’s exactly what you’ll be hearing. “They” have it all backwards and have been experimenting on the American public by making eating recommendations that do more to support the farmers than keep us thin and healthy.

If you’re mad, you should be. If you get fat following the MyPlate food guidelines it’s not because you’re gluttonous, it’s because the food choices you’ve been told to make are preventing you from losing weight … and they’ve actually made you get fat in the first place.