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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – How To Throw an Easy Party

This week I will provide some great party tips that will enable you to be a guest at your own party. The first critical step is to get organized. So start by making a list. Make a list of the tools you need-glasses, forks, spoons, etc. This list becomes a checklist the day of the party when you begin to feel a bit more pressure and might forget some of these simple items. The next step is to consider the items that can be offered that do not require a lot of cooking. For example, fresh produce from the local Farmer’s Market can be ideal. Perhaps a bit of smoked fish, a medley of olives, cured meats and an array of cheese is perfect. Do you really need anything else for the party?

Be sure to check out the websites for Rushing Waters Trout and Murray’s Cheese after you listen to this show.