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Single Mom Talk Radio

Single Mom Talk Radio – Jennifer Maggio’s Triumphant Story as a Homeless, Single-Mother

“Most single moms would tell you that their #1 and #2 struggles are parenting and finances, but they’re really not… ” Today’s guest, Jennifer Maggio, reveals what she believes are the two core issues that drive all of our parenting and financial challenges! Jennifer’s story is one of parental triumph; be prepared to cry and be inspired, in the same breath. Jennifer lived a picture-perfect façade—but truth was, she was broken inside. High school valedictorian, class president, homecoming court, and then… a teenage, unmarried mother-to-be, whose family threw her out of the house. Homeless and pregnant, she knew her life would be never be the same. In this show, you’ll find out just how Jennifer turned her life around—and what you can learn from her. Jennifer shares the critical changes she made in her mind-set and environment—changes that each of us can make, changes that can set you on course to break through the challenges you’re stuck in.