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SolePath Discoveries – Krista: My love life is great, I am quite happy at work, but somehow I feel that I might be missing something. Does everyone feel like this, do we always feel that there might be something else?

Today, you are invited into my personal counseling session with Krista who is a busy and gifted hair stylist. Krista lives and works in a small town where she has a reputation, not only as a hair stylist but also as someone who you look forward to spending time with. Krista is young and feels that she may already be in a rut. She wonders – is there something else? Here is Krista’s SolePath Discovery …

If you would like a SolePath energy reading, contact us through WebTalkRadio.net or LifeofJoy.ca I am Dr. Debra and I would love you to go to TeriWilder.com to listen to more of her inspiring uplifting music that we play on this show. until my next counseling session – remember this life is only about Joy.