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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Electrical Nutrition Co-Author, Denie Hiestand ‘Opens Up’

Adam has made it a habit of welcoming paradigm-shifting authors, inventors, and visionaries onto Talk For Food, and this week’s show is no exception. After reading two amazing books that were authored, or co-authored by Denie Hiestand (pronounced hee-stand), he had to hit the road to Las Vegas for a face-to-face meeting.

However, this time, what happened in Vegas is now released to the world.

Likening the intestinal microbial population to a farm, Hiestand makes it very clear how our natural design is set up to gain nourishment from higher vibrational, and electrically available foods, and not from the grains that we have further adulterated through pesticide, herbicide, and genetic engineering, or renounced (e.g., such as beef). Be sure to listen intently as he describes the birth process as nature designed, versus what has become normal today, and the electrical consequences of chlorinating our water.

This is a program you’re going to want to listen to over and over, and share with others.