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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – Old Time Radio meets golf

Ever wonder how old-time comedians utilized show recording technology, to play one more round of golf?

Ever hear about the famous song writer who gave up a promising golf career, just to please his fiancée?

Join us today, as we take a different slant. Steve Darnall is the host of Those Were The Days radio show. This show has streamed live on The College of DuPage radio station for 10 years. Before that, it played on a major Chicago classical music station – only changing radio hosts, after the station was sold.

What’s hidden within the thousands of hours of old-time radio show archives?

Can we find some golfing gems locked up in the treasure vaults?

Here Randy taps into Steve’s memory track, using some psychological methods called free association. The dictionary defines it as, “A spontaneous, logically unconstrained and undirected association of ideas, emotions, and feelings. “ Here we use it to successful tap into various golf related topics.

What secret did Bing Crosby use to rank up endless time for golf – when he should be working?

Learn how Jack Benny and George Burns partnered to start their own golf club (i.e now famous), when Jewish players were forbidden from joining country clubs.

Can a wise guy mafia hit man, successfully bury a kill in a golf course sand trap?

Why is it easier to do golf shows on radio then television?

What other tidbits can we discover about golf, which should be buried and which should never be made public?

Should we release these mistakes and bloopers to the public?

Join us and learn first hand!


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