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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – Light or Darkness Ahead? Your Questions Answered!

While talk about a God Particle has many speculating if science has gone too far, many are still discussing the possibility that the times we are in are the moments just before the prophesied Rapture.  Let’s face it, like it or not everyone seems to be pre-occupied with the possibility of a coming crisis of some form or another!  Last week, Sri and Kira asked their listeners to submit their questions: Those questions that were on the forefront of their minds–the ones that kept them up at night thinking!  The response was overwhelming!  Listeners called in asking everything from explaining the Mayan Calendar, the Middle East and Egypt, to how to jump through dimensions and more!

To answer the first question presented by their listeners, Sri Ram Kaa turns to Archangel Zadkiel for answers.  What will Zadkiel say?  The wisdom provided by the spiritual angelic realm is surprisingly simple!

What can we expect in the year 2012?  Will the world really end in December of next year?  Sri and Kira talk about the rumors of the Rapture and what purpose fear and apprehension serve in our lives.

How do we get out of hard times?  How do we move forward?  How do we learn to trust ourselves?  “Joy can become your new habit just as suffering and depression is a familiar habit,” says Sri, offering words of encouragement to a troubled listener.

During this exciting show, Sri and Kira boldly and lovingly answer the questions about these times and hold nothing back in their responses.  This is an episode you will want to listen to over and over, as the content is timeless and the answers are priceless!  Sri and Kira bring on their usual wisdom–and dash of humor!–in full force to answer the questions that you have always wanted the answers to!