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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Online Marketing & PR Strategies

Do you struggle with marketing your business online? Are you doing what other online businesses are doing – yet just not generating the levels of success that they are?  This week Annemarie Cross interviews Ryan Evans from Rand Media Group and Bitesize PR on the common mistakes that many ambitious entrepreneurs make that prevent them from building a successful business and standing out online.

Ryan draws upon his extensive experience in the digital world (being a former employee of one of the largest tech startups in Chicago) to share his secrets on what you need to do in order to do stand out online and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Ryan goes on to explain why finding your “niche” is vital in a global marketplace as well as why it’s so important to put your personality back into your brand in order to attract and engage your ideal client.  Do you have something interesting to say?  Are you ready to learn how to “think globally?”

If you’re confused about how to determine what people are searching for online and the levels of demand for your products and services, you’re going to love this episode:  Ryan shares some great free tools to help you identify the best keywords you should be using to get you in front of your customers!

Ryan also shares why small businesses should not necessarily target large media companies when looking for PR and opportunities to get noticed by the press.  “You need to put the personal back into the brand,” notes Annemarie.  Ryan gives some great tips on how to use Google to your advantage to get your marketing strategy more “on target” from a do-it-yourself standpoint!

“There are so many opportunities out there that are being overlooked all the time,” says Ryan.  Are YOU going to let those opportunities pass by?