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Bounce Back

Bounce Back – How to Bounce Back from Adversity

Special guest Sally Franz, author of the Amazon Best Seller “Scrambled Leggs…a Snarky Tale of Hospital Hooey”

and award winning author of “Monster Lies…a Woman’s Guide to Controlling her Destiny ” reveals top tips and strategies from seemingly insurmountable losses. Sally lets us in on Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s approach to understanding your deepest emotional needs, using non-violent communication, and developing a creative strategy to get your own needs met. As it turns out, you must be responsible for meeting your own needs for love, compassion, connection, and respect but others can come along for the ride.

Sally shows us how you actually go from being angry to bouncing back. She shows us the incredible power of humor. And for those who are stuck in remorse, what ifs, and spinning round and round re-hashing everything trying to see if there were clues before the train wreck, Sally has an answer for you.

Sally also shares her thoughts about why we are here noting our two jobs on this planet: enjoy the beauty and help others. You can’t do either when you are immobilized with grief, shame, and longing. So it’s time to bounce back.

And at the end of the show in this week’s Just Say No To The Status Quo segment Donna Marie explores proven techniques to Bouncing Back from Adversity.