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Car Care for the Clueless

Pam Oakes

Car Care for the Clueless – From A/C to overheating: What do you do with your car?

On this episode of Car Care for the Clueless, host Pam Oakes talks to John from Florida regarding his vehicle’s phantom A/C problem. After listening to his concerns, Pam advises him to see professional guidance to get to the bottom of the problem. Also, the pros and cons of a leaky exhaust system. You know, you don’t have to have a check engine light illuminated on your dash for your exhaust to have problems. Noxious fumes getting into the passenger compartment can lead to severe heath problems, even death. Pam tells you how to have your vehicle checked out to prevent further ills to you and your car.

Peter Sudak, our gadget guru, is back with another time-saving, economically priced item for your summer vacation trip. Citizen band radios are back in a compact form with big results if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, out of cell phone range. Peter lets you know how to get one of these items and how it works.

Also, Pam discusses why you shouldn’t drive your vehicle if it is overheating. Damage to your savings account along with the engine’s head gasket is in order for those who do not heed her advise. The radio show is based on Pam’s book, “Car Care for the Clueless (or How You Can ‘Make Money’ While Maintaining Your Vehicle)”. it is available at the web site or at her shop’s web site,