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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Paradigm Shift: Think Rubber Band – Not a Yo Yo!

Please join us with the Medical Director of The Canadian Obesity Network & the Scientific Director of The Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians & Surgeons the very warm & entertaining Dr. Arya Sharma. This Information CRAMMED show brings you all the scientific data on why keeping the weight off is so difficult after major weight loss – examining the socio psycho biology of obesity. We absolutely must stop looking for quick fixes & magic potions to lose & keep the weight off – we must assess our own unique situation scientifically and deal with it. We talked about the science of the fat cell, brown fat vs. white fat – this helps us understand why when one has been obese – our body thinks it needs to hold on to the fat. Dr. Sharma clearly differentiates between being overweight vs. obesity which is a chronic, progressive condition. Weight Loss does NOT cure obesity. I did ask Dr. SHarma his opinion on people blaming their obesity on genetics……make sure we take note! We discuss weight loss drugs both prescription & over the counter, our different reasons for eating/overeating, and exercise for obesity is NOT just about burning calories – but has so much more to do with addressing the reasons obese people are overeating. Dr. Sharma also explains to us the hormone Leptin, the “rewiring” that occurs in the brains of obese people & set points, and why weight loss surgery is safe & effective – but there is a lifelong commitment that is key to the success. Again, there is no permanent cure for obesity – it is a relentless fidelity to the cause. Make sure you stay tuned for Game Plan at the end of the show – we will be summarizing this information packed show – and helping us all put it all into self perspective.

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