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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0 – It Begins with Empathy

This week Gary Kaskowitz ( had the great pleasure to speak with Dawn Veselka ( about her business. Dawn is a successful small-business startup who recognized a need in the market and chose to serve. Dawn’s business specializes in helping people connect with loved ones who are undergoing difficult times.

Throughout this interview you will hear Gary and Dawn explain how Dawn built a successful business through service, solid research, owning her niche and developing relationships with her customers. Dawn is a very caring and very sharing woman, and this includes her divulging several of the secrets to her business success to you, the listeners of this show.

While there were several successes as well as miss-steps along the way, Dawn has built successful social media and customer relationship management marketing strategies that can be universally applied by any small business owner or operator. Listen and learn how you can apply these techniques and attitudes in your own business, regardless of what industry you are in. The timeless and no-boundary ideas you will hear in this episode of Marketing 4.0 are sure to be not only useful but inspiring! So click on the link and listen now.