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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Clairvoyance is considered impossible but, for a few, it is normal

My guest is one of the few people who receive messages from other people’s minds. (CLAIRVOYANCE, The alleged power of seeing things other than by the senses) This is strange, sometimes very disturbing, sometimes funny, but something that just has to be accepted by the person concerned. Most people would not believe the story if it were told, therefore the details cannot be made public or the person would be considered either crazy, or a witch. Therefore my guest, who has had this happen hundreds of times, has had to keep it to herself, only confiding in a few friends or family who might understand. Fortunately family members may well have similar experiences occasionally so are sympathetic and understanding. The whole thing is shrouded in mystery and disbelief. See: where it says “it is very different from telepathy” but this is quite incorrect, as telepathy or mind-to-mind will always explain a clairvoyant event, which is borne out by examining the cases. Listen to Lucy tell her story.