Spirituality and Philosophy

Psychic Therapist

Evie Kane

Psychic Therapist – Angels and Power Animals – How to call upon them and let them help you today!

There is heavenly energy all around you all the time.
In this show, learn how to connect with angels and power animals that can empower and guide you through life’s journey and give practical and specific advice for your daily life.
Hear Evie channel specific messages for listeners and learn more about these amazing beings of light who are here to assist us.

Also, joining Evie, is Cheryl Whitehouse from Australia who healed herself from significant health challenges with the help of the Angels and guidance towards specific nutritional supplements. Since her healing, Cheryl’s passion has been to share this with others. You can reach her at www.britsam.usana.com .

So, listen-in for an inspirational, enlightening and fun experience!