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Success Sessions

Jae Nelson & Bill Nelson

Success Sessions – From Goal Setting to Goal Getting

Do you ever wonder why some people are able to become all they can be, while others struggle to get off first base?

Is it desire, motivation, opportunity, discipline, excitement, hunger, incentive or ambition?

More than likely, failure to achieve goals is due to, too much dreaming, hoping and yearning and not enough clarity, action and purpose.

Personal goal setting is a vital ingredient in the pursuit and attainment of success and positive outcomes. It can be the catalyst for change, the impetus to become better and the driver of achievement.

True goal getting is never easy, however through listening in to this weeks edition of Success Sessions, Jae and Bill will make it easier for you to better understand what it takes to not only set your goals but how to take the right action so you actually achieve them.

Through the discussion Jae will have Bill will introduce you to the goal setting model he has devised and refined over the past thirty years to help people achieve success in sport, business and of course in life.